How to Contribute

Welcome to ProvenSEO author application. Do you have the desire to become an accomplished author for ProvenSEO? Then, here is your chance. We prompt and invite you to fill in the application form for a ProvenSEO author.

About ProvenSEO

ProvenSEO is one the most influential and prominent marketing and sponsored content platforms online today. The platform enables you to find and acquire the best and quality sponsored content and marketing strategists or plans to advance or promote your online presence and popularity. It helps individual’s running small online presence such as blogs to acquire insight and access to huge businesses and in the process become famous while earning an income through sponsored content.

Author Qualities for ProvenSEO

  • Must have expertise in their field of choice including influencer and internet marketing.
  • Must have insight and provide content that is creative in nature, highly engaging for the audience and provides relevant if not unique or unprecedented advice to the audiences.
  • Must be able to write at least a single article in a month.
  • Must have a prominent or adequate presence on the social media platforms with a strong following i.e. on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter among others.
  • Must have the ability to engage and participate in our network while sharing content developed on the social media.
  • Must be able to write in the first person.

Author Guidelines for ProvenSEO

  • Minimum words for your content is 600 words to around 1000 words.
  • Content submitted to ProvenSEO for publishing should not appear or be published anywhere else.
  • The content should be about one’s expertise i.e. Influencer and internet marketing among others.
  • Content must be within the set deadline, news worthy, and highly educational with references and essential examples.
  • The content should be an original copy. Spinning or copying other people’s work is prohibited and with dire consequences for the author.
  • Must refrain from bias, aggressive and offensive content.
  • No affiliate links are to be on the content or site calls for visiting a specific site online.
  • Promotional content is generally preferred. However, if being paid to promote anything in the content, you are advised to disclose the fact to the ProvenSEO team in order to examine and verify the links provided.
  • The right to modify edit or reject an author’s content once is submitted is retained and reserved to the ProvenSEO team.
  • Confidential content or private / protected content cannot be disclosed to another without a certified written release.


If in agreement with the set ProvenSEO guidelines and rules and feel like a perfect fit for it, you can take the final step and sign up as a ProvenSEO Author. If and once the application is approved, you are going to get an Email welcoming you from ProvenSEO. For your article to be published, ensure that your bio on the site is complete.